At the time of designing a website, it is important to pay special attention to trends in web design. It will help to create an effective website that will help businesses to reach greater heights. Here are some of the most prominent web design trends that you should keep in mind when designing a website in 2021.

Playful animations and typography effects

With the help of playful animations and typography effects, it is possible to boost engagement with the visitors who come to the website. For example, decorating a text with cool typography effects will not just ensure that it is meant to be read. The designers will be able to use that to convey marketing or branding objectives as well.

Using light colours

Using light colors on the design can make a website look more appealing on the screen. In fact, clarity and sharpness can help the visitors to go ahead with content without a struggle. This will even assist the visitors to stay on the page and engage with content.

Adding simple shapes

Adding simple shapes to the websites was a trend that existed sometime back. This trend has made a comeback. You can also think about adding simple shapes that have text written on top of them. This will help you to grab the attention of visitors effectively.

Focus on these trends and design your website in 2021.  Then you can get maximum returns generated out of your investment.